Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Windows 7 Installation

I said I would post about the installation.

Firstly, SIS chipsets suck. I have always disliked them and my experiences continue to remain consistent with every new generation.

After first boot, Ethernet, RAID and DVB-T were not detected. Inserted my flash drive to install drivers and although USB hardware was detected it did not work correctly. Realised I had installed a USB Mass Storage Volume and then puked.

Installed LAN drivers from SIS site, after burning them to CD.

Now I have internet and Windows Update happily installed drivers and updates for everything. Yay, USB now works for Mass Storage devices. Even installed drivers for my crappy Dvico Fusion DVB-T adapter.

Once that was out of the way everything worked smoothly. Installed Microsoft's Windows 7 beta drivers for my keyboard and mouse. Installed Promise FastTrack drivers for my RAID setup and I’m happy as a pig in shit.

Installed the Kaspersky 8 beta for Windows 7. I had to update databases several times and reboot countless times, but it finally stopped bitching that it needed to be updated. Now I am going to turn of the oh so very annoying firewall. When will security vendors realise I and people like me understand the pop ups, but the average user has no idea what they mean. Plus, add rules for basic Windows services that run on 127.x would you please. 36 pop ups on first boot after install and I didn’t even have the PC online.Geez…

Anyway. Connecting to the TV in lounge tonight. Have yet to even load Media Centre, so keen to see what the new interface and options are like.

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