Sunday, January 25, 2009

Windows 7 Media Centre

I purchased the Hauppauge HVR 2200 for my system on Friday and the Hauppauge MCE Remote.

Installation was a breeze. Dual tuners are mucho awesome. This card comes highly recommended in all Media Centre circles and it very much deserves the praise.

Having the remote just makes life so much easier using Media Centre, plus my poor old Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse have piss poor radio range, so no more standing up and walking to the TV to do anything.

So far, I have to say my Windows 7, Media Centre and Hauppauge experiences thus far have been nothing short of excellent. If your in the market for a DVB-T tuner, I would highly advise at least looking at the Hauppauge range.

Finally found the Australian support site, so I have the latest drivers now and will probably install them tomorrow morning. Just for the hell of it as it isn’t broken, but I’m running Windows 7 so may as well stay on the bleeding edge all the way.

Incidentally. DVico cards aren’t quite as bad as I’ve read about, but their drivers are complete rubbish. Was previously using the DVico FusionHDTV Plus card, although it worked well, it did experience the occasional glitch. Using latest release from website and previously the Microsoft provided drivers from Windows Update.

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